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Bridging the Gap between innovation and opportunity. Entrepreneurship Development Cell, BIT Mesra targets fostering Entrepreneurship culture among students.

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We believe in imagination & innovation

We believe that honing ones presenting skills goes a long way. We believe in imagination & innovation. We believe in creating a mark through our ideas.

Here's what we Have

Co-Working Space

A co-working space at the dead-center of the campus to serve as a gathering place to work efficiently and independently.

Incubation Cell

EDC provides mentoring to the budding startups with the required infrastructure & funding from investors.

Community Learning

EDC conducts various seminars, workshops and e-Talks to help educate students and spread a positive mindsset.

Tech Hub

EDC, BIT Mesra has its own dedicated tech-hub to foster technical knowledge and enthusiasm within the campus.

Our previous Sponsors

Major Events & Workshops

Some of our events organised in year 2019-2020


B-Plan Competition

Live pitching competition with insane prizes.

One of the major flagship events of E-Summit’20, B-Plan was an event launched to escalate a person’s professional outreach and test the Entrepreneurial Panache. With a buzzing business idea in mind, the event provided individuals an opportunity to kickstart their idea.


Football auction

Risk it for chances are dicy yet enticing.

The major inaugural edition of FIFA auctions was one of the major highlights of E summit’20. It was one of the major events ensembled to foster one’s interests related to the formation of a magnificent team with only a limited budget. The event was meant to entice your inner self to become the manager you always wanted to be.


Virtual Stock Sim.

Invest your zeal and reap the satisfaction

Trading knowledge never got a better platform than the Virtual Stock simulation Platform organised as one of the major events of E summit’20. Indulge in a live simulation environment of stock market trading and investing. Developed just like the real time Indian Stocks


Flutter Study Jam

Flutter is the the future of mobile Development

In this workshop, students were taught about Flutter which is Google's mobile app SDK for providing high quality native interfaces in IOS and Android in record time. The students were required to carry their own laptop where they were given extensive coaching on how to code with Flutter used by developers all around the world.


Finance Workshop

Dive deep in the mysteries of the financial world

LThe students were introduced to the concepts of finance, stock market, investment and analysis of businesses. This workshop not only encouraged students to peek into the world of finance but also taught them to make meaningful investments in the stock market.


Week of Learning

Learning is the evolution of mind

This workshop was organized in association with Progate to equip students with a knowledge of web development. The students were given access to progate’s state-of-the-art learning material for free. Thereafter they were also given an opportunity to showcase the skills they acquired in an online hackathon.

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Entrepreneurship Summit' 2021

The new edition will be bigger & more magnificient... Promise! 🤗

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