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Bridging the Gap between innovation and opportunity. Entrepreneurship Development Cell, BIT Mesra targets fostering Entrepreneurship culture among students.

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We believe in imagination & innovation

We believe that honing ones presenting skills goes a long way. We believe in imagination & innovation. We believe in creating a mark through our ideas.

Here's what we Have

Co-Working Space

A co-working space at the dead-center of the campus to serve as a gathering place to work efficiently and independently.

Incubation Cell

EDC provides mentoring to the budding startups with the required infrastructure & funding from investors.

Community Learning

EDC conducts various seminars, workshops and e-Talks to help educate students and spread a positive mindsset.

Tech Hub

EDC, BIT Mesra has its own dedicated tech-hub to foster technical knowledge and enthusiasm within the campus.

January 26-28, 2024

Entrepreneurship Summit 2024

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Major Events & Workshops

Some of our events organised in year 2022-2023


Bellagio Competition

Deal the cards and chase the winning hand.

Bellagio is the annual poker event of E-Summit. Participants displayed their prowess in the game of poker. A high-pressure game of calculating odds and probabilities, poker is the ultimate test of decion-making skills, observation, emotional control, and rational thinking in a high-pressure environment.


B-Quiz Competition

Master business insights – test your acumen.

Step into the world of business brilliance with the B-Quiz Competition by EDC BIT Mesra. It allowed the participants to test their knowledge, embrace the challenge, and engage with the brightest minds as they prepared for a fast-paced journey into the heart of entrepreneurship!


Ancient Entreprenuer

Convince, captivate, conquer the pitching challenge.

With an aim to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and cultivating that mindset in you, an exciting and thrilling event to showcase your deep-thinking abilities to the world and solving real-life problems.


IPL Auction

Strategize bids and shape your cricket dream team.

Cricket is life in India... Everything else is just a game.
No matter what part of India you belong to, you cannot remain away from the awe of IPL and IPL auctions. This was an opportunity for any cricket enthusiast to assemble their ideal squad on a tight budget and stand out from the other contending teams.


El Valorante

Secure rounds and dominate the competitive arena.

Valorant is one of those games that came into existence in early 2020 and has currently engaged millions of gamers around the world. As an entrepreneurial organisation, we at EDC BIT Mesra do not overlook the economic impact the game has made in the gaming world while still being so fresh and fun at the same time.


FIFA Contest

Take the field and seize glory.

The FIFA Contest, hosted by EDC BIT Mesra, was a dynamic gaming experience that captivated gaming enthusiasts, showcasing the economic impact of FIFA in the gaming world. Prove your supremacy, and get the ultimate bragging rights of becoming the FIFA Champion of your campus!


B-Plan Competition

Live pitching competition with insane prizes.

One of the major flagship events of E-Summit’23, B-Plan was an event launched to escalate a person’s professional outreach and test the Entrepreneurial Panache. With a buzzing business idea in mind, the event provided individuals an opportunity to kickstart their idea.


Storage Wars

Risk it for chances are dicy yet enticing.

EDC BIT Mesra, welcomes you to awaken the bidder in you and participate in Storage Wars, where money does the talking. It was a golden opportunity for the participants to learn about the dynamics between the auction, the auctioneer and the bidders, and apply it in a real-world scenario to see whether it thrives or fails.


Boardroom Competition

Invest your zeal and reap the satisfaction.

Boardroom, another exciting event for the season, was presented by EDC Club. The participants were required to expand the company with their original ideas and effective communication. The boardroom is where you belong if you have what it takes to stand out from the throng.

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